The happy wild bird report

How happy are our wild birds? We found out through our happy wild bird test. And what did we find out?

We recently surveyed Welcome Home Nature members and visitors to our website about the birds in their gardens or on their terraces. Based on 10 questions, we discovered to what extent these animals find the garden a pleasant place to be.

The results of the survey show that our winged friends enjoy most gardens. And enjoyed is a well-chosen word, because almost everyone provides extra food for the wild birds in the garden, at least during spring or winter. Most birds also have no shortage of water in our gardens. 88% of members regularly provide extra water! And during winter, as many as eight in 10 people offer suet balls.

Besides food and water, environmental elements in the garden also play a role in attracting birds and keeping them happy. 73% of members regularly provide a bathing spot. Good hiding places are important to take shelter from neighbours' cats. Berry bushes and fruit trees, in turn, attract fruit or berry lovers to our gardens. There is certainly no shortage of these in the gardens of most Welcome Home Nature followers either.

81% of respondents install one or more bird houses. But even without any offered nesting sites, many birds (78.3%) find their way to our gardens to brood.

All this ensures that, despite declining bird numbers, many different birds still visit our gardens or terraces every day.

On average, our Welcome Home Nature followers score 79.9% on their happy wild bird report.


Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Your wild bird master

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