Frozen fruit

Frozen snack for your chickens

Do not forget your chickens during the hot summer months. In any case, water is essential to keep your feathered friends happy. But keep in mind that your chickens like to get a little snack too. There are plenty of ordinary chicken snacks, mixtures of fine grains. However, you should make a snack to keep your chickens cool from scratch.

  1. Take a cake tin or frying pan and fill it with treats for your chickens. Some tasty ideas: diced fruit or vegetable, a grain mixture, boiled maize, etc. 

  2. Fill the container to the rim with water.

  3. Put the container in the freezer.

  4. Wait until the water in the container is frozen.

  5. Get the container out of the freezer and take it to your chicken run.

  6. Pick an appropriate location for the snack and tip over the cake tin or frying pan.

  7. Let your chickens enjoy this delicious refreshment.

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