About us

About us

In a society that is characterised by urbanisation and concern for the climate, we try to give nature a place in our lives again. The interest in nature and the animals in and around our homes is growing, just like the call for natural products to feed them. The “Welcome Home Nature” products were developed with an eye for nature and the natural food requirements of your animals. They help create a natural home for your chickens, garden birds, rabbits and rodents to ensure that your garden, terrace or home is soon these animals' favourite spot.

NATURE - rabbits and rodents

Nature is the real home of all animals. A world which offers great food, room to play and discover. A world full of variation in vegetables, grasses and herbs full of natural vitamins and minerals. With Nature, you give your rabbit the same rich and nutritious ingredients as in its natural habitat. The mixtures that have been specifically made for each animal, provide both balanced and delicious nourishment. This is how Nature provides the best guarantee for the best care and healthiest diet of your animal, anytime.

MENU nature - birds

The closer we allow nature to come to our homes, the richer our lives will be. Whether we live in the city, the suburb or the country. Unfortunately, animals living freely in nature are having a difficult time. We see this in the declining bird population. We humans are also to blame. By feeding and caring for our garden birds in a responsible manner we can give something back to nature and the animals around us. With Menu Nature you give your garden birds the balanced and nutritious diet they need all year round. In exchange, you can enjoy their company.

COUNTRY’S BEST - chickens and farmyard animals

With Country's Best, we want to serve your animals the very best nature has to offer. Rooted in nature, we want to offer you products that are healthy, balanced and safe. To bring each animal in optimal condition, it is important to give the right feed to the right animal at the right time. Top quality for each animal and each stage of life.


Versele-Laga feeds over 15 million animals daily. In the production of our feeds, we aim for the highest quality for your animals. Our years of knowledge and experience with the feeding patterns and nutritional needs of chickens, rabbits, rodents, farmyard animals and birds forms the basis of the Nature, Menu Nature and Country's Best feeds. We are proud to be able to feed your animals, too.


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